Robin Salerno - "Finding the Flow of Your Life"
              Robin Salerno is now LIVE                  every Monday evening, 8pm CDT-
                on her internet radio show,
   "One-Heart Messages with Robin"


"Join in with us as my callers, my guests and I spend a lively hour conversing on many topics of the Animal and Spirit world.   Use the link above- you can call in and ask questions about your pets and  Loved ones from the Other Side who are always with you, helping and supporting from Beyond!
And after the show, please come back to this website and leave comments on the Contact Robin page- I would love to hear from you!"


                Something about today is different...
 Maybe you feel as if there is something new coming.           Something within is calling to you to " Listen".

          Let's work together with messages from your                  beloved animal family, your Spirit loved ones,
              your personal angels and Spirit guides, 
              and life CAN take new directions for You!
               I am a Medium and Animal Intuitive 
      who has spent my life working to bring forward              messages of  Understanding and Wisdom from
                      All Worlds, here and Beyond.

             Now is your Time to seek a Life of Peace, 
                      Health, Prosperity, and Love.
                                              Infinite Blessings,
                                      Robin Guayasamin-Salerno

          Robin is available for in-person or telephone readings for you and/or your pet                     by calling 262-501-4838.

Robin is excited to let you know about the new Horse Wisdom work at Innersongs, LLC., located outside of Milwaukee,WI. 
 Innersongs is a workshop program involving people interacting with horses on the ground, in an outdoor setting, to help people understand personal "resonance" energy.  The horses at Innersongs offer clear information to show clients and workshop participants how best to live in their 'heartspace'- this promotes better relationships, health, prosperity and self-confidence.
Please visit www.innersongs.netfor further information about this exciting energy work and the 2014 Workshop Series, beginning in April 2014.

To find out more about Robin and her inspiring work with Animals and Spirit, please check Events on this website, postings in "Natural Awakenings Magazine- Milwaukee", "Magnolia Health and Wellness in Pewaukee", and the "2014 Dare to Be Aware" Event at the Domes in Milwaukee in April!
Robin has spent a lifetime working in the world of Spirit.  She has been giving workshops and lectures on healing, animal communication and mediumship development throughout the Northeast and Milwaukee for more than twenty years.  Robin is an ordained Spiritualist minister, Reiki Master, and holds an M.M.A. in Education, Music, and Performance.  She is the Director of Innersongs, LLC., Mukwonago WI., which offers workshops on innovative self-discovery using the Wisdom of Horses.   Robin also works as an Equine Specialist at Transitions Equine, LLC., Genesee, WI which offers private and group sessions in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.    
 Robin continues to offer monthly classes on the fascinating world of metaphysics at her Mukwonago residence. 

May 28,2014-

One of the things I will miss the most as I leave Racine is my recent work with Horses. I highly recommend Robin Guayasamin Salerno and her amazing horses. They have provided me with great wisdom for the next chapter of my Life.
 Please check out

May 24, 2014-

LakshmiGrace Phoenix

Have y'all ever experienced an animal intuit? Well there are several in this area of Wisconsin. It is amazing to me, there are so many heaters in California, but not many animal intuits. Its fun to find another kind of healing modality here. 
We had the great good fortune to vist this lovely lady and animal Intuit,Robin Guayasamin Salerno. WoW! It was an incredible healing session with her and her sweet horses. We received the most amazing guidance and wisdom! 
I highly recommend Robin if you are looking for an insightful healing session for yourself or you animals. Thank You Robin! — with Mark David Foster and Robin Guayasamin Salerno in Mukwonago, WI.

September 23,2013-

"So far I've attended a mediumship demonstration and
several of Robin's animal workshops. She's a great teacher - very specific and hands-on.  I don't know exactly, but somehow in her presence, I've become a more trustworthy communicator myself. And I've found learning from her both profound and fun.
Highly recommended!"-
Bev Spangler, Owner,         
Above and Beyond
Petcare Chicago
                                                                   Bev Spangler, Robin and her dogs 
                                                                                          Personal 5-Day Animal Intensive-
                                                                                                           Aug. 2010
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